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22 08 2011

I’m definitely tired to have to battle against people that have misinterpreted my words or intentions. I have no energy for that as I know anything I could do or say will ever change their mind. But let me ask something to you, the guy that knows women bodybuilding more than an IFBB judge: How many actual FBB pros have one or more young kids? And in this number, how many of them are single? My son is 7. I’ve been working really hard to gain mass for the last 5 years (see my video on you tube to have an idea of how far I come from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWoUxgfuNjI ) which means just after I split up with my son’s father. I’ve build my physique by myself. My coach is only there for the pre-contest diet and the mandatory poses. All else, I do it alone. When back to school time arrives, I have no help. When it comes to house keeping, I have no help. When I have to take my son to the dentist, the hairdresser, the doctor… I have no help. Being a bodybuilder means that I always cook 2 different meals, every time. It also means, because the contests are in the summer, that when I do activities with my son during school break, I have to bring my lunch everywhere and make sure to be able to eat. It means I have to work during the time my son is at school, find a way to train during that time too, make enough money so he has everything he needs and a little more, and be there whenever he needs me. I work 2 jobs to be able to compete, and I have the luck to have great supporting fans that help me financially. I’m also building my house with my own hands right now, during my prep for the Nationals, so I can save a lot on the construction and offer a nice and cozy home to my son. I have work really hard to be where I am now, and I think I deserve respect for that. I’m no wonder woman. I don’t think I’m better than others. But I know I deserve every single compliment I receive. So before saying anything bad against me, try walking in my shoes just for a day. I’m strong enough mentally to understand that everyone has the right to its own opinion and that some suffering people might try to bring me down to raise themselves, but I have a good heart and I take bodybuilding seriously. I’d be honored to represent the Canada in the IFBB when I’d get my pro card. My focus is set on the Nationals and nothing will change that, but I needed to express what my heart was feeling. Thanks for reading.




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1 09 2011

This structure of life is definitely hard on us at times, and we have to work hard for what we want. At times we have negative people around which can bring us down. It’s nice to hear when a person can do all they can to rise above that, and accomplish their goals, or at least try. Praise is always good for our confidence, and it helps us strive harder. So good luck in your endeavors, and always strive for your goals, and you will achieve them. Being nice to people doesn’t mean your flirting. It just mean you appreciate a compliment, but unfortunately people sometimes get that mixed up. Whether accidentally, or on purpose, but I guess that’s the life we live in. All we can do is be individuals, and the rest will take care of itself

24 10 2011

first gratulations to your win !
It´s maybe a litte late for commenting your post, but your energie putting in all of this is really impressive.

I´m a Dad of a 4 year old girl , i work full time, need do to the houswork, play with the kid and go training….but 2 -3 times a week not 2 times a day.
And to build a house is a fulltime job for itself and i bet very stresfull !
It took me nearly a year to build mine and i can´t find time for anything else. You are doing this all together. And in the meantime you build such a fantastic body.

So you really deserve a lot of respect for this and i´m personaly very impressed !! 🙂
No Wonderwoman, but a very hard working Person how loves whats she´s doing and shows a lot of of optimism.

Kind Regards

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