After only 2 years of competition, I can proudly say that I’m one of the most promising rising star from the province of Quebec in Bodybuilding. After winning the regional and provincial championships in Quebec in 2009, I finished tied with the other heavy weight contestant at the Canadian Nationals in Saskatoon August 14th 2010. Since the judges had to name only one winner, my rival won over me. But for a first attempt at a National Championships, I can say I did a great job. But I won’t let this happen again, and I’m determined to win the 2011 Canadian Championship that will be held here in Laval, Quebec, in October.

I’m glad to say that though I’m pretty muscular, I’ve been able to save my femininity. I think a represent what female bodybuilding should be if we want this sport to continue throughout the years. Every year, we lose supporters, we lose pormoters, and we lose athletes. But there are more and more feminine athletes out there, and that is a good news for the sport. I hope to see the overall look of female bodybuilding change in some ways so the IFBB and other federations reward aesthetic and femininity, in addition to mass and conditioning. Follow my prep and my journey to the next Nationals on my Facebook fan page (see Links). And if you ever want to reach me, send an e-mail at info@fabiolaboulanger.com and I’ll be glad to answer you.

Wish you the best, and never forget that YOU are the only one who can make choices for yourself. Don’t let anyone interfere between you and your dreams or your needs. xx


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11 07 2011
Carol Ann Forester

Yes you have kept your true feminine side and that is a bonus for FBB. The poses and pictures Iv’e seen of you so far are awesome. Im sure when your on stage you feel the pressure, but having that confidence in the way you look, shows in that wonderful smile of yours. As far as someones comment (cocky) goes, Im sure they didnt read your body language very well. So to stay innocent of bad press, one needs just the right amount of femeninity= innocense= mystery= confidense= humor=happiness=positiveness=humility=humbleness= and you have it all going for you Babe. I sincerely wish you the best in all your upcoming contests. 🙂

12 03 2012

Fabiola you looked great at the Canada 2011 congrats on winning. You are a sexy, intelligent lady with a smoking body. Muscles look great on women. Keep up the great work.

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